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Site Logon
Rick or whomever
I am trying to get access to the humidity control program. I repeatedly try to join the site but keep getting the message that membership is limited, that there is turn-over and to try again. Been trying for about 45 days and still can't get access. Tried sending an email using the 'contact us' but no response, maybe the receiving email server saw me as spam? I don't know

Is there a secret handshake or password that I need to obtain to gain access? Currently running Nest3 on a Forced Air Gas system with humidifier.



  • Luke
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Re: Site Logon
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I've been trying daily since Christmas and got in today.  Keep checking and you'll make it in.

Re: Site Logon
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Bingo! Thanks for the heads up, Luke, I'm in also

  • Luke
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Re: Site Logon
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Great to hear!  I'm on the exact type of system with a humidifier that you're using.  The automatic humidity control is awesome.  Happy heating!