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Two-stage heating
I just found this site; and very much appeciate that someone's built out a way to continually store Nest history; as I haven't found anything more than 10 days in the official tools.

I've had my Nest Thermostat E for about a month; running with a heat pump - so I have two stages of heating.   In my Nest history, I can see how many hours my 'heat' has run, but it doesn't break down compressor vs aux heat when it displays the hours used - which appears to be the same number that your tool displays when showing heat usage.

My question is about whether or not it's possible for you to break down how many hours were used by Aux heat vs standard compressor only heat.    In the nest app; this is visually shown as light/dark orange:

I'd love to know exactly how much time I burn on Aux heat.

Thanks for the cool site.