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3rd Gen Nest Thermostats / How to use automatic humidity control for nest?
Last post by Argyal -
I joined this forum after finding what I was looking for for months. A way to control the humidity with more than 5% increments. But I do not see anyway to download or use this app. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance!!!
News/Updates/General Messages / 2 factor authentication
Last post by admin -
Now that nest has enabled 2 factor authentication I have to rework my website. There  is no way I will be able to get custom functions working with 2 factor authentication because it logs in automatically about every hour to check in on youelr selections. So unfortunately if you want to use this site you won't be able to use 2 factor authentication.
Looks great! Sweet and thanks for making this!
AGREED!! In the fall I just set up the humidifier and let this application take over. I can't even tell what my humidity is set to on the nest thermostat. All I see are several water drops. When I asked Nest why a percentage wasn't indicated I received a vague answer about all humidifiers are different. This application is perfection! Thank you!
Custom Functions / Automatic Humidity Control & Offset Override
Last post by nvagardener -
Any chance you can make a humidity level for 40+ degrees Fahrenheit?  I live in a slightly warmer climate that you and it would be very helpful.
News/Updates/General Messages / Re: Automatic humidity control based on outdoor temperature
Last post by nvagardener -
Automatic humidity control for Nest and whole house humidifier is the killer app I was looking for.  Works great.  Thanks for sharing your work.
News/Updates/General Messages / Website will be invite only
Last post by admin -
Starting today our website will be invite only.
Those of you who use my site will be glad to know that the Automatic Humidity control is no longer experimental (providing my hosting doesn't go down or something like that). This is the 3rd winter of tests and I'm finally ready to move it to fully operational status.

There are a few things to Remember.

1) The nest app humidity slider will NOT move below 30% even though those of us in northern climates sometimes need less than 20% humidity in -30c Temps. I have contacted nest several times to inform that No family home on the planet will ever need an indoor humidity of 80%. I think tropical exhibits at zoos might have 70% - 80% humidity.

2) Even though the nest humidity slider doesn't slide below 30% it will accept commands I send it to set below 30%. The true humidity setting is shown in the equipment screen of the app.

3) The nest dehumidifies 5% below your dehumidifier setting and 5% above your humidifier setting. Which is why I have the option to block that action.

Thanks for your patience while I got this all setup.
News/Updates/General Messages / Message Board Installed
Last post by admin -
We have put up this message board so that we could fill in yet another gap that NEST left us. Other than reddit there is no place to discuss or get help with your nest products. I hope this message board helps.