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News/Updates/General Messages / Re: 406 error
Last post by mangochutney -
Yes I can concur with the effect it is having on humidity control.
A few times when I have checked recently the humidity setting is out of whack by a big margin to the relative temp outside.
This is when we are having large temperature swings.

I think therefore I am going to disable auto humidity for a while until normality returns.
News/Updates/General Messages / Re: 406 error
Last post by admin -
I have discovered that the problem is intermittent. When I check my logs I can see that when my custom functions scripts run that sometimes the 406 error will happen and other times it won't happen.
News/Updates/General Messages / Re: 406 error
Last post by mangochutney -
Yep, still happening to me 10 days later unfortunately :(
I can still log onto Nest fine.
Paul - you can wait for the emails - or you can go to the humidity settings on the Nest App / website.  Sometimes I don't get the emails or Gmail clumps them all together, but if I check the slider on the app I can see that the humidity has been adjusted.  Slider all the way to the left is 10% - each 'step' is 5% and the default is 35%.

webpirate - We've been having really crazy weather shifts (40 degrees) between the high and the low. 

How this works in reality is that humidifier is running all day (as the temperature is rising) and then when the sun sets it can't crash the humidity fast enough to get to the target humidity & we still get some moisture on the windows (not nearly as much as before using this feature - THANKS!). 

Even if the Nest cut the desired humidity much earlier in the day, the humidity is the house will NEVER drop from 40% to 25% naturally in the timeframe that the temperature outside falls.  In other words, even though the target humidity is 25%, the actual humidity will never realistically drop below 35% unless it maintains that temperature for days.

1.  Is there a way to poll 12-hour forecast prediction off of the Nest?  And humidify based off of the lowest temperature in that forecast.  Not only would this better allow the home to reach the target humidity - This would also reduce the polling to 2x - 4x a day


2. Poll predicted low temp from another source and use that number.

Either way - polling frequency is reduced & the homes have a better chance of reaching the bottom end of the humidity target.

I really appreciate this service - it has already made a noticeable improvement in our home.  I admire your knowhow - I couldn't even imagine where to begin - and to think that you have an entire site with the infrastructure to view stats and make control of the device easy - is incredible to me. 
News/Updates/General Messages / 406 error
Last post by admin -
Some users are getting 406 errors and 502 bad gateway errors. This is an issue on the nest side and we just have to wait for them to fix it.
I have to be really careful with how I poll the nest servers. If we poll too many time we get kicked out with a 429 error and then we cant check anything for about 15 minutes..thats why I have to carefully structure and time each login...
Energy History Display / Re: Two-stage heating
Last post by admin -
Has this been addressed? I agree it would be super helpful! Thanks!

Unfortunately nest keeps that data seperate from what we are able to see in the API.

Which is odd because they let us see dehumidifiers, humidifiers and airwave usage.
Energy History Display / Re: Two-stage heating
Last post by jimmy -
Has this been addressed? I agree it would be super helpful! Thanks!
News/Updates/General Messages / Re: Increased max number of users.
Last post by Jackson -
News/Updates/General Messages / Re: Website will be invite only
Last post by Jackson -
Thank you very much for adding slots!  I am logged into the site and had a huge sigh of relief when I clicked on the "Automatically control the humidity based on outside temperature" box.  You have no idea what a relief it is! 

FYI I have attempted to email to that address 2 separate occasions - see below:
Delivery incomplete
There was a temporary problem delivering your message to Gmail will retry for 20 more hours. You'll be notified if the delivery fails permanently.
The response was:
DNS Error: 14392918 DNS type 'mx' lookup of responded with code SERVFAIL

Thanks again!!!!