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General Discussion / Error Message
I am getting the following message when I try to log in here.

Nest returned with a 406 Not Acceptable error. This could be an incorrect email or password. It can also be that Nest has blocked us from logging in for you. If you are sure you have entered the email and password correctly, try again in a few days to see if nest has sorted out this issue.  Also oddly, my thermostat was changed to heat and set to 90 this morning.  My thermostat is locked at home and I nor my wife made the change.  So there is that.

Anything I can do?

General Discussion / Re: Shutdown August 31
Well that is unfortunate.  Thanks for the update.

Does this have any bearing on you/us?
General Discussion / Disable a notification
How do I disable the following email notification.  I do not see an option for it.

The thermostat named (  Hallway ) reports that the nest tried to increase the humidity higher than your setting. As per your request, the action has been blocked because your humidity has reached your desired setting.
I had the setting " If we detect a possible AC unit failure, send you an email and turn your AC off. " turned on and everytime my nest goes from an Away setting of 78 to a home setting of 74, it shuts my AC off.  Not sure exactly how that is supposed to work, but had to disable as it was turning the system off when I really want it on.  When going from eco to home.

I figured it out.  When I create a "Custom Where" name, regardless of what it is, it displays the hex characters.  When I use one of the included stock names, it displays just fine.  The custom option is founds at the bottom of the where dropdown in the setting menu. 
FYI: It is working now.  I did change the name earlier, not sure the exact timing or if relavent.

I'm trying to figure out why nest doesn't always send the thermostat name in the API it's a common problem with 3rd gen thermostats and even some 2nd gens. Thanks for the patience while I check it out..
I noticed that the nest community boards are back up.
Thanks, appreciate  the quick reply and effort.  Awesome work man!
The application is not displaying my nest name, but instead displaying a hex number.  See attached doc.  A little help please.  I verified that I do have the nest named and even added a label to see if that would help, no luck.  Thanks.
Awesome!  This is the functions that Nest should have included.  I have been looking for better humidity control since getting the nest.  Thanks again!  I will be donating after a trail period.